"In Kind"

Sent some flesh to the lab, elevated by brass it came back in kind

Take this power and run on a suction climb it pays back in kind

I feel our fortune is luck, burning up this hollow in kind

And I am highest in kind


"This Wisdom"

If I wasn't so blown I would fear for my soul

So casual by order of law

In this wisdom there's a darkness and it's bringing me down

If I wasn't so lazy I would probably be famous

In this wisdom there's a darkness and it's bringing me down

Envision a sound like a victory now should this wisdom fail us

If this is the gallery, I need to leave this place

It's just like I'm looking through the eye of god, if there is an eye of god

Digging the painting made me hungry as hell

I'm the picture of health, like unchecked violence

"No Concept / No Logic"

Oh there is no concept as far as I can tell

And there is no logic, it's all been left to chance

One must become as large as one can to see one's worth

Then one must hold the object up higher than the self

It seemed so much easier to be as he was

A celebrated sailor come to Eastern shores

See, I have heard it mentioned he was a doctor there

All the children loved him, he gave an elephant drugs

Here's to the strange equation of a strange young man

Who held no value greater than present usefulness

Oh there is no concept, it's all a game of chance

And there is no logic, I have learned this well


"A Second Season"

He was shared by the hungry people, shared by a ravenous evil

Now he has raised upright, he enters a second season

Round the maypole, youthful cravings

This is his second season

He was in his second season



Now the new camera holds the man just the same

Same as all 99, he makes his home on the plains

He taught us right, behave but not too fine

And try to find some ancient proof of a higher tech

Like some winged cannibals come The Eagles to my town

Pay no mind where they go, I eat the wild animals

We know what's right, a brave and noble life

We try to find some ancient proof of a higher tech

Ancient commissions, wasted youngness


"Spanish Mansions"

All seven islands I must destroy (the fool hatchets off his wings)

Both rival and tribe soon will have passed through Spanish mansion walls

This is our prime - plain and white, we are now the keepers of the gate

Behold the empire that soon we will grasp through Spanish mansion walls

A vicious march through Spanish mansions walls


"7th Wonder"

Hallelujah is a sorry sodden mantra, hallelujah 7th wonder

Hallelujah for the slogan and the sponsor -hallelujah

Whosoever becomes pinned with fortune soon is gonna receive their shots

Who is in my mind? The charming obelisk and the full moon come out again

Ooh when I open my eyes I see the magic in this bliss

Will we ever get grown believing in ghosts?

Hallelujah is a sorry sodden mantra, hallelujah 7th wonder

Hallelujah for the slogan and the sponsor - hallelujah

Who is in my mind? The charming obelisk and the full moon come out again

Ooh the wizards of blood, they see the measure of this bliss

Will we ever get grown believing in ghosts?


"The Veteran: James Page"

We're too strange, barely (it's probably a plus)

Blessed with custom vision of young hawks

Compared to the square waves jittery drone

A twenty ton riff drops wondrous and total

Let the veteran, James Page, deliver us to god


"Flying Tigers"

I am sitting in a corduroy cloud

Fragile but real in a funny way

This kingdom of tribes that we call The Flying Tigers

Reach out and gather all the certified branches

And we'll live out our fantasies in the leaves

It's a kingdom of tribes that we call The Flying Tigers

Oh no we are not phantoms we're just victory arrows bound for the sun

Now the bleachers hold a skeletal menace

Tomorrow we jet to the golden carousel

A kingdom of tribes, we are The Flying Tigers



Help us turn out ten foot and temper free

Thin and nervous, a hollow antiquity

I heard that you felt ill enough to stay in bed all day

We're masters of a hazy brain

Please preserve us on this holiday

Feed us birds and sing their melodies

I heard that you fell ill and I felt the same sick way

We're masters of a hazy brain

I will purchase howl and harness


"Claude Monet"

The sergeant, Miss Majors and I've come to see the pictures of Claude Monet

The wealth was pleasant, summering on old courage held in an usual light

And we lazed there 'till the flies came

All the patrons fell in line visiting the vivid dreams of Claude Monet


"Triple Eyed"

Seen through your runny eye, seen out and running like horses

One comes to you now, almost catches you staring

Here you are their visitor, you are their glassy adorer

And careful though you are, you'll soon be gashed on the ground

Like a triple eyed freak, like a visionary sees double

With a whistle and flute he'll come to take you away tomorrow

Polished and decadent, you feel so strange and out of place

You look around at the west hung sun, sits near enough to burn your face


"Boost Up"

I'm 27 and all right, but I heard 27 was the line

Boost up the ram, raise up a family

I am oozing a raw and musky Patchouli

Alone on the beach I don't feel at ease

We ride to Headley Grange tonight

Boost up the ram, shelter in the past

And then Boleskine my love

Let them imagine what they want to


"Staring Up at a Chinese Kite"

Staring up at a Chinese kite I trip and I trip and I trip and slide carefully down to the sand

Feel a breeze that's gusting and cracked, now feel it starting to swell

Got to keep lean for the girls and the fans

Surfing the highest sunny sheen, the original now has faded

Hold it down with your key

Staring up at a Chinese kite I trip and I trip and I trip and slide carefully down to the sand

Simple and fine or shanghaied and fucking up all over again

Up here I have no age

Make a plain, sturdy home deep in the mountains of myth

I call out to hear the ring

Staring up at a...


"I Feel as the Zion"

Gonna rip this time, gonna get myself shored up

Fluttering and light like a picture of ascending birds

In the future I'll compete as I truly am

Capital compress couldn't get much larger now

A little indecent but the lesson is infectious

A new surround where nothing is now as it was

I feel as the Zion, I feel as I am

Elevate the shell, elevate the shadow

As I penetrate to the heart, a whimpering fortress

Gonna place this well upon the brow chin up

I feel as the Zion

You want the bone, you want the marrow

And all I want to know is your super-strict hollow

Let's split it up 'till the structure is busted


"Face to Face"

Here come the vaporizers

Oh my eyes hurt, where am I supposed to look

Stop now stop it now

Fucking mirages, each one unreachable

Alexandrian inspiration, Appalachian accolade

Your face to face with an old fantasy

Here come the vaporizers

Brilliant in their leather, skintight little devils out on a mission

Stop now stop it now

Come and feel my head would quick before it closes up, come and feel my knees shake


"Change Now Stop"

This much distance distresses the crown - the shear, luminous mind

Here I am standing and bleeding out light - a deity, a faggot and a louse

Change now stop

Custom and gesture, the system is gone - watch me now on a mischievous hurrah

Trivial (or is it?), now I'm lost in this trance like a G. I. in a rabbit hole collage

Change now stop

Closer to evil, I am nearer than you know - I feel my life dripping on the floor

The physical leaking out, disgusting and so cold - I shiver and I shiver and I deliver into new hands


"A Blond Temple"

Lying down in a blond temple - the vivian mirage

Of beautiful boys in the pastoral ring fields that surround the yard

Hear their brass tambourines - they shimmer, shimmer and dally

Here's a bell flower bracelet to wrap around your arm

And I must touch the queen - the clean gown reveals

A hula hoop girl and a huckleberry geisha to become new blonds



One last lonely hour until I'm with you again

All the dancers are leaving but the spotlight stays on 'til the end

And there's a cold castrato singing pretty as a beauty queen

I'm getting high in the garden as you're stepping into a stretch limousine

Spotlight on a man like a memory come loose

And he's blue enough to pretend that he meant something to you

I'm too drunk now to care, too lonesome to notice the rain

I'll hold on 'til tomorrow when the burlesque show replays


"Burning Oak"

I feel as though I'm a stranger to my friends but I'm glad to be here drinking again because I needed something to set myself right

And I don't know why but I hear you calling so loud like a wing clipped crow's cry as he drops to the ground

And if God himself should burst right out of that bird and rebuild his broken limb into a gold leafed tree

Well I believe I will strike my match upon the bark that I may gain the grace of the burning oak

As the flame tears up the wood, lord I'm right back in this noisy barroom where I'm feeling the presence of another one like me

And again I will strike my match upon the bark that I may gain the grace of the burning oak

I see my face floating in the glass, I dump in all of the cigarette butts and ashes from the tray 'til I'm gone like the crow

I drink it down for the grace of the burning oak, that I may gain the grace of the burning oak


"Black Widow"

With a rhinestone curse that black widow nurtures a moutain

There lies the pride of old Fennerio she's been waiting on her good man, the captain, to come up and meet her

I see the silver shine to the quick in her eyes as she tries to leave

With a rhinestone curse that black widow nurtures a mountain

Here comes Tenbrooks bound to dig Molly up out of her grave, but he finds a speckled hen saddling up in her place

Now he's walking the porch with a pistol and torch trying to better his aim

I've got the black widow's blood in my vein

Mangy black dog, he's baring fangs fatter than logs I'm about whip out my chain saw

When I'm out stalking the grounds I like the taste of blood in my mouth, I like to feel it


"Tripping Through the Cemetery"

I've got to take my time if I wanna see 29, dressing as a fugitive so far from the fad

Come close there's a tear in my eye, tell me if it's real

I was born in Illinois, if I go back I can be employed instead I'm living as a richer man though I ain't got jack

I'm too quick to catch if I'm running, never learned to heel

I could use a little rest I guess, but I don't dare ever lie down

The police say they've seen me tripping through the cemetery, pissing on the ground

I chew a red iron nail, drink up the water from the wishing well - the tremble in my little finger, I earned that in sin

Never really gave a good goddamn about anything

I sing a shakey song, but I sing it right

I sing unfettered and proud and I'll sing it long as I like

And when the new morning sun shines on my grave crack a neon drum - I already hear a fiddle playing in the back of my head

Hey Willie, won't you take a drag and pass it over here


"Straight Through"

In the corner of my room there's a man who is laughing

He's holding the high hand, seems to think that it matters still

I'd guess he was an actor and I'll bet he played a good villain

A fellow facing the future in a rose colored suit that's dirty and torn

Straight through I shot him, now I'm gonna fry for it

He's laughing though he's dead and buried 9 months and 7 days

Seems I'm bound to his memory 'til the hour they lead me away

He's just sitting there silent now, blood on the floor round his feet

There's no reason or rhyme to it, only the smoke rings rising

Even though I stepped back aways he stained my jacket and jeans

Now we are always together, the stranger and me


"No Horizon"

There's no horizon outside the door, just the rail thin shadow of a man on his porch

The blistering sun that ripples the highway, it weathered his hands and shook his whole body

There's no horizon outside the door, just the vapor scattered across the red brick porch

And a garden growing wild on the rear half acre where a July tomato often tasted sweeter

The pavement's growing wider and hotter with time, too many flies to swat down like a skin on the house

There's no horizon outside the door, just the vapors and shadows on a red porch


"Dreams of a Fool"

I've got a mind to leave these old fool dreams behind, they took me a thousand miles from home and busted me down

I'm drifting along like a leaf blowing out and fear I have grown too calloused to care or fear or feel anything at all

The dreams of a fool were the dreams of my youth

Those dreams were a sheild holding back what was real

Now I've made up my mind, I'll become somebody new

It may take time, but I'll stop chasing the dreams of a fool

I've got a mind to leave these old fool dreams behind and face the man that I should have been all along

Someone who takes his pride in growing each day a little inside, but I ain't quite there yet, no I'm just not that man


"Perfume and Feathers"

Perfume and feathers on an egg white child

Excuse me Jesus if I don't get this right

Tomorrow morning I'll be back on the ground again

Util I'm standing straight up and the Devil's run out

Too much too sudden make a man lose his head

I want it all or nothing, there's no other way than that

I take her perfume and feathers, put 'em back on the ground again

Until she's standing straight up and my devil's run out

You're gonna need a chaperone if you're leaving 'neath the evening moon

My pleasure ain't in the rambling, it's living way down in love with you